Product Applications


Hazardous Materials

CBEx is available in 785 nm to help warfighters tackle explosives and chemical warfare agents and to assist civilians to battle crime with its extensive drug, hazmat, and explosives libraries.



Incoming validation of APIs and excipients is an important aspect of quality control in the pharmaceutical industry.  SnRI’s Raman instruments provide fast, accurate results at the receiving dock or in the QC lab.



Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) is a route to trace analysis and materials research and development.  Our Raman systems are designed for demanding microscopic examination of surfaces and nanoparticles in solutions.


Research & Development

SnRI’s instruments provide versatile platforms for turnkey and custom research and development Raman systems.  From microfluidics to nanomaterials we have off-the-shelf solutions to the most challenging problems.

Industry Leading Raman Spectroscopy Platforms

Our engineering team meets the performance and cost requirements for customers in industry, security, and the research and development markets.  SnRI delivers increasingly sophisticated readers and systems to meet our customers demands.  Our focus is to create the smallest and most accurate Raman technologies for material identification and verification.  We supply the advanced products by combining innovative optical designs with intuitive software interfaces .  We also deliver custom OEM products that can be tailored to various laboratory and field environments.  We create custom products for threat screening, anti-counterfeiting, drug development verification, and pharmaceutical quality control.


CBEx 785

Handheld Raman

CBEx is a hand-held Raman identification system, featuring high sensitivity detection and robust search algorithms for fast confident results.  The 11 hour operational time from two AA batteries delivers flexibility in the field where rechargeable systems fail. CBEx series is designed for pharmaceutical , security, chemical identification, explosive identification, and material identification.  We supply over 20 different libraries for your unique application.

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Raman Readers / Benchtop Raman

Sierra is our most flexible Raman system with a choice of excitation wavelengths and featuring Orbital Raster Scan (ORS) technology.  Sierra is designed for research applications that require high sensitivity for complex materials.  For example, heat and photosensitive Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) applications in both colloidal and solid substrate preparations.

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Raman Microscopy

IM-52 offers compact Raman microscope with powerful software features.  Unlike Raman microscopes built around third party microscope stands IM-52 is our own microscope imaging system adapted to a powerful Sierra system.  IM-52 is the solution for demanding microscopic applications such as Raman analysis of graphene, art and archaeology, SERS, and forensics.

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