Today’s threats of terrorism, chemical spills, and drug related crimes led us to design CBEx handheld Raman spectrometers to quickly and accurately identify threats at their location. CBEx goes anywhere and has an intuitive interface for nontechnical users.  Our extensive library offerings provide immediate identification of approximately 10,000 materials. Rugged, ergonomic,  and lightweight CBEx will identify liquids, powders, solids nondestructively.  CBEx features our ORS technology for averaging in heterogeneous samples or working with thermally sensitive materials.

Highlighted Features

Size & Ergonomics

Size and ergonomics are important features with any mobile device.  At 12 oz CBEx is the world’s smallest and most ergonomic system available for identification of explosives, hazardous substances and narcotics on location.  CBEx operates with a powerful duo-core processor for real-time sampling and large library searching.  The CBEx libraries can be divided into sublibraries specific for your application.  Their sensitive resistive touchscreen and bright OLED display is ideal for analysis outside with protective gloves.


Reliable Battery Life


First responders and warfighters require on-the-spot, dependable power.   Integrated batteries in emergency response equipment discharges over time and there is no guarantee that the last user that operated the equipment charged the system. Easily obtainable commercial-off-the-shelf AA batteries insure you have power when you need it.  AA batteries also make certain your system is prepared for immediate use after sitting idle in the case. These systems also operate from AC adapters and USB power from computers.

Advanced Sampling

CBEx provides accurate answers  in seconds.  The orbital raster scanning (ORS) feature provides analysis of heterogeneous mixtures.  Other handheld Raman spectrometers analyze a spot over a small micron sized area.  The ORS feature collects an average Raman spectrum by rastering and interrogating continuously over the sample.  In effect this is the same as collecting hundreds of random spectra and averaging these spectra in one shot. This is especially important when identifying street cut narcotics and HME materials.