Snowy Range Instruments (SnRI) introduces its Sierra Series spectroscopic readers.  Built on a decade of experience in Raman instrument design the Sierra readers address many of the issues of Raman analysis. Our readers are constructed from the best components in a solid aluminum body for rugged long-life time usage. Sierra Series readers are the most sensitive and flexible on the market, providing the highest signal-to-noise ratio available in a small foot print.  The Sierra series, featuring ORS technology, was designed to address the challenges associated with SERS applications and heterogeneous sample analysis.  Sierra Series can be coupled with a XYZ stage and imaging camera for demanding research applications.

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Three Way Sampling™ Available On

Sierra Series Spectrometers


The Sierra series offers a unique sampling mechanism that allows the user the select how the sample is interrogated.  With a turn of a selector you can sample from the side or bottom of the vial, or you can  use the unique point a shoot  aperture to analyze surfaces.

ORS™ Available On Sierra


Many applications require high spectral resolution and a large interrogation area. With conventional spectroscopic instruments a large interrogation area (large laser spot) would require a large aperture in the spectrometer to efficiently collect all of the laser light.  Increasing the aperture has a negative affect on the valuable information about the material since it is diluted and spread over the detector resulting in poor resolution and low signal-to-noise.

For pure samples a tightly focused laser beam and small spectrograph aperture may be sufficient. However, when the sample is heterogeneous or sensitive to the high laser power in a tightly focused beam it is necessary to expand the beam size or reduce the laser power. SnRI has overcome the problem of etendue loss with large interrogation areas with its ORS (Orbital Raster Scan) technology.

Product Specifications



Lasers 532 nm 638, 785, 808, or 830 nm
Power 50 mW 35, 100, 100, 100 mW
Detector 2048 pixel TE Cooled to –10 °C
Spectral Resolution 7 cm-1 *4 cm-1, 8 cm-1
Spectral Range 200 – 3200 cm-1 *200 – 2000 cm-1, 200 – 3200 cm-1
System Controller 64 Bit 64 bit
Footprint 12” x 8” x 3” 9” x 5.5” x 2.5”
System weight 6 lbs 8 lbs

*HR-high resolution 785 nm only