CBEx is available in 785 nm to help warfighters tackle explosives and chemical warfare agents and to assist civilians to battle crime with its extensive drug, hazmat, and explosives libraries

CBEx’s high sensitivity material identification system obtains answers in very short analysis times while displaying results on a highly visible OLED touch screen. The resistive touch screen is designed for first responders dressed in the highest level of personal protection equipment (PPE) and is ruggedized for field use.  Powered by two AA batteries, the CBEx’s 11 hour operational time offers flexibility in the field when recharging batteries is not possible.

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Key Features


Orbital Raster Scanning (ORS) Enables Accurate and Precise Measurement of Mixtures and Heterogeneous Materials.

The ORS feature enables accurate and precise measurement of mixtures.  In a conventional spectrometer the tightly focused beam may produce poor results due to missing the target completely. This leads to false negatives. Increasing the laser to a large spot size in a conventional system means the valuable information about the material lost with poor spectral resolution.   This leads to false identification or no identification.  ORS technology keeps the beam tightly focused and increases its size with a large patterned laser excitation. Information is obtained with complete integrity over a large area. This leads to confident identification even on heterogeneous samples.


Features and Benefits

CBEx handheld Raman analyzers offer unparalleled solutions for rapid and accurate unknown material identification for first responders, military, law enforcement, and quality control chemists.

  • Rapid Material Identification: Quickly identifies unknown solids and liquid chemicals.
  • Weight: 12 oz is the lightest and smallest handheld Raman available.
  • Powered for Long Operating Times: 11 hours of operation with two AA batteries.
  • Low Power Consumption: The temperature controlled detector in CBEx is designed for high sensitivity without sacrificing extensive power draw from the unit.
  • Easy to Use: Simple and intuitive firmware and software.  Designed for field operators and the managed workflow minimizes errors.
  • Support: Extended service support and warranty programs available.

Product Specifications




Laser Wavelength 785 nm
Laser Power 100 mW, 70 mW@sample
Spectral Range 400 – 2300 cm-1
Display 2.8″ resistive touch screen
Sampling ORS™
Sampling Method Vials, Point & Shoot
Size (LHxWxD) 3.6″x2.8″x1.5″
Weight 11.75 oz.
Power Lifetime 2 AA Batteries @ 11hrs